Affirming our Principles of Community and supporting others, especially during challenging times

Note: The message below from University Health Services was posted to this web site on February 6, 2020

Dear UC Berkeley Community,

At University Health Services, one of our core values is promoting a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture of belonging for our entire campus. We know that biases, both conscious and unconscious, permeate all aspects of our society and we strive to ensure that every person with whom we interact feels supported, valued and respected.  

At this time, as news of a new coronavirus with its epicenter in Wuhan, China, continues to make headlines, we know there is heightened xenophobia and racism towards Asian and Asian American people.  We deeply regret a recent Tang Center social media post around coronavirus.  It has since been taken down. While our intention was to come from a place of support and to proactively address the threat of xenophobia in our campus community, our word choice was wrong and hurtful, again, we apologize.

We encourage everyone, especially during this difficult time, to be mindful of actions that may hurt others and to remember our Principles of Community in which discrimination is not tolerated. Rather, we embrace diversity and promote respect for all members of our community.

We, and the entire campus community, need to be vigilant in making sure that no one, regardless of their race and country of origin, is stigmatized or excluded.

Right now members of our community may be worried about their loved ones in the impacted areas; others may feel isolated, fear discrimination or experience discrimination. Some may experience worry or fear about contracting the virus. For students seeking additional support please contact our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), to talk to a counselor at (510) 642-9494.  Students can also be seen at the Tang Center for urgent drop-in counseling Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. If you need to speak with a counselor urgently when the Tang Center is closed, please call the 24/7 counseling line at (855) 817-5667.  

At UHS, we have an unwavering commitment to working with every member of the campus community to confront these challenges and foster a true sense of belonging for everyone.


University Health Services