Berkeley SHIP 2013-14 Plan Details Revealed

University Health Services (UHS) is proud to share the details of Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), the new campus-operated student health insurance plan for 2013-14.

In early May, Chancellor Birgeneau announced that UC Berkeley would leave UC SHIP and return to our own campus-based student insurance plan for the next academic year. Berkeley SHIP maintains all the same comprehensive coverage students rely on, plus lifting of all insurance caps, including the lifetime maximum and annual pharmacy caps. We also welcome new insurance carriers: Aetna Student Health (medical and mental health), MetLife (dental coverage) and VSP (vision coverage). UHS has been working closely with our new carriers to ensure a seamless transition to Berkeley SHIP on August 15, 2013. Dependent and voluntary coverage will also continue to be made available through a separate plan, as they have been under UC SHIP.  

New Berkeley SHIP 2013-14 benefit highlights

Berkeley SHIP features the same comprehensive benefits as our former plan, plus:

  • Removal of caps on all medical benefits, including the lifting of lifetime, pharmacy and physical therapy maximums, and removing visit limits for services such as chiropractic and acupuncture
  • Reduction of Specialty office visit co-pay to $15 (previously $20)
  • Plan year for vision and dental benefits are now aligned with SHIP medical coverage plan year August 15-August 14
  • Premiums for Berkeley SHIP 2013-14: Undergraduates $1007 per semester, Graduate students $1386 per semester
  • See full benefits here.


Berkeley SHIP FAQs

Will I be able to use the same providers with Berkeley SHIP?
Care provided at UHS will remain unchanged, with the same campus providers and services students currently use. Local hospital and emergency providers remain the same as well. We have established new carriers for services outside of UHS covered by SHIP. Our three new carriers are working closely with us for a smooth transition back to a campus-plan: Aetna Student Health for medical and mental health coverage, MetLife for dental, and VSP for vision. Their vast networks already include many popular local providers available under our old plan. We are working proactively to identify any areas where there may be a gap in our previous and new off-campus provider networks, and encourage individual providers to join our new networks for off-campus care.


How is UC Berkeley going to manage the new plan?
UHS has more than 20 years of experience successfully managing a financially stable student insurance plan prior to joining UC SHIP. Our internal staff is coordinating with our new insurance carriers to get Berkeley SHIP in place for the new plan year beginning on August 15. Campus and UHS leaders are setting up a strong system to regularly monitor the financial health of Berkeley SHIP. A student oversight committee will also be established to provide input and advice on future benefit changes. Additionally, Berkeley SHIP is a fully-insured plan, meaning the financial risk is held by the insurance carriers instead of UC Berkeley.


If I want to waive out of Berkeley SHIP, when will I be able to do that?
Please complete the online waiver by July 15, 2013. 


Will any changes to the existing UC SHIP plan take place before the new Berkeley SHIP is implemented in August?
The transition to Berkeley SHIP for 2013-14 does not impact students currently enrolled in UC SHIP 2012-13 ending on August 14, 2013. All benefits through UC SHIP for 2012-13 remain in place, with medical and mental health benefit coverage through August 14, and vision and dental coverage through July 31. Our waiver process also remains unchanged: all students will be automatically enrolled in Berkeley SHIP for 2013-14, with the option to waive out by July 15, 2013.



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