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How We Make Decisions: The Neuroscience of Decision Making (BEUHS042) 

Wed 1/27; 12:10 – 1:30, Tang Ed Center
Speaker: Ming Hsu, Assistant Professor, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

How do we make decisions about what matters most to us - money, time, and social relationships?  What are the neural circuits and genes that shape these decisions that have profound effects on our life outcomes? What happens when these systems go awry?  This workshop will discuss past findings and future directions from the nascent field of neuroeconomics and consumer neuroscience on these topics, including:
(i) the basic science of the biology of decision-making,
(ii) Assessment and interventions of dysfunctions in these systems
(iii) challenges and opportunities in both science and application.


Emotional Readiness for Retirement  (BEUHS038)

Wednesday, 2/10; 3:30 - 4:30 pm, Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center
Speaker: Leslie Bell, PhD, LCSW, CARE Services

We all spend a lot of time thinking about and planning for the financial aspects of retirement. How much time have you spent thinking about your emotional preparation for your retirement? In this workshop we'll discuss the factors that are significant in affecting your happiness in retirement. And we'll help you to develop an action plan so that you can take steps NOW to ensure an emotionally successful retirement.

This course is offered as part of the UC Retirement Center's Pre Retirement Program. You are welcome to register for just this course through the Learning Center, or for the entire program through the Retirement Center's website.


The Psychology of Technology (BEUHS043)

Thu 3/3; 12:10 - 1:30 pm, Tang Ed Center
Speaker: Dana Walsh, MFT, CEAP

Technology and social media have quickly become the preferred means of communication, especially among younger generations. A recent Gallup poll indicated that texting, cell phone calls, emails and social media are the four most prominently utilized forms of communication by Americans. Our attraction and addiction to electronics, websites, and social media apps. can have positive and negative effects on many areas of our life. This workshop will examine the psychology behind technology and social media, and how both are capable of impacting and influencing our personal relationships, career, stress levels and overall emotional health. 


Resilience and Renewal (BEUHS016-160427)

Wed 4/27; 9am – noon, Tang Ed Center
Speakers: Kathy Mendonca, Principal Learning Specialist, L+OD and
Laurie Yamamoto, Senior Counselor, CARE Services

External stressors are real, yet how we choose to view, experience and manage them is an internal process. To maintain a healthy level of stress, we must cultivate an ability to remain flexible and open in order to adapt and adjust to challenges. This workshop will examine common traits of resilient people, and explore ways to strengthen our own resiliency skills. We introduce the concept of managing our energy instead of managing our time as the foundation for healthy practices, high performance, and sustained personal renewal.
Participants will have the opportunity to:
•Define and discuss resilience 
•Identify the common traits of resilient people
•Assess their own level of resilience and identify steps to strengthen their skills
•Explore the four quadrants of personal energy and engagement
•Discuss examples of practices that support a healthy energy management plan

Sponsored by CARE Services and Learning + Organizational Development (L+OD)



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