Welcome to PartySafe@Cal!

We try to improve the party culture and social benefits by decreasing drama and problems related to alcohol. PartySafe@Cal partners with all party throwers, party goers, neighbors and other stakeholders to get the good without the bad.

We hope you:

Be yourself. Don't assume or overestimate how much others can drink. Avoid trouble. Respect community policies and expectations. Get the good without the bad. Make a plan and stick to it. Keep it social, not slurred. Control the alcohol. Don't let problems become big. See something, do something.


  • Key Facts: Alcohol is the most common drug consumed by college students. Most Cal students who drink make safe choices and don't experience negative academic, physical or social consequences due to their drinking. But the range and size of possible alcohol-related risk for drinker and others is significant, well-documented, and 100% avoidable. We update our data dashboard annually and share highlights in our monthly newsletter.
  • Warning Signs and Steps to Take: Don’t let small problems become big ones. Be alert and know the signs of alcohol intoxication and what to do. Slow them down. Cut them off. Get them home. Call for medical assistance.
  • Toolkits for Party Throwers, Party Goers and Happy Neighbors: Checklists, planning guides, key facts, true stories, resources
  • Workshops & Consultation:
    • Party Thrower Workshop - This free 90 minute workshop helps you make a realistic and effective “before-during-after” plan for your party and the motivation to stick to it. It covers setting the right tone and expectations, security measures, responsible beverage service steps, and ways to get people home safe. Registration required. See Calendar for upcoming dates.
    • On-Site Consultation for Party Throwers - FREE 30 minute on-site party risk management assessment and consultation for student party throwers of events for 50+ people and who’ve applied for Indoor Entertainment Event Permit (include link) from Berkeley Fire Department. We’ll contact you once you’ve completed the IEEP application.
    • Party Goer Workshop - This interactive, peer-led workshop helps you get the good without the bad. Clarify key facts and personal values for making mindful choices each time about drinking and party-related behavior and situations. Email to schedule.
    • Real Buzz - Drinking and Party Social Norms. Designed for in-tact groups of 15 or more members, this workshop leads to better personal and group-level decisions about drinking and parties. Email to schedule.
  • PartySafe@Cal Monthly Newsletter: Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on information, resources, and ways to get involved and make a difference.


  • Student Alcohol Roundtable. Meet with PartySafe, ASUC and other student leaders to reflect on current strengths and concerns, prioritize actions for drinking and party social change, and line up the resources to succeed. Held twice each semester.
  • Our House campaign. Support widespread awareness and adoption of the four key alcohol and party risk management practices endorsed by ASUC senate, IFC and PHC Presidents, GAMMA co-Presidents,the BSC Health Education Chair and the Graduate Student Social Committee chair in April 2015.
  • Pre-Game Huddle. We run resource stations offering free water, snacks, giveaways and PartySafe tips on game days and key party nights. Stop by. Volunteer.
  • Happy Neighbors. We raise awareness and shared responsibility for optimal neighbor relations among all who live, work, study and play near campus. Email to find out about next meeting or activity in your neighborhood.
  • PartySafe@Cal World Class Awards. Our annual recognition of individual efforts which exemplify our guiding principles and show evidence of impact and sustainability.
  • PartySafe@Cal Internship. Work individually and as a group to help set the agenda and engage our community for alcohol and party harm reduction. Requires 6-8 hrs/wk/yr. Starts in May. 2 units P/NP. Applications due mid-March.
  • Volunteer. We need and welcome volunteers. Complete the volunteer questions here and we’ll contact you to discuss your interests and schedule.


  • Upcoming events and activities:
    • Jan. 21-23 - Cal Party Tips facebook - "caught doing it right!"
    • Jan. 26 - Calapalooza - visit our table
    • Feb. 2 - Campaign video and PartySafe newsletter release
    • Feb. 2 - ASUC/PartySafe Student Roundtable
    • Feb. 8 - Party Thrower Workshop 5:45-7pm
    • Mar. 11 - PreGame Huddle 9-11pm
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs: Information and Resources: Medical, counseling, education and policy resources for students - both on and off campus.
  • Tang Alcohol and Other Drug Specialists. Confidential and non-judgmental counselors available to talk with you about your own use or that of a friend or family member. Make an appointment by calling (510) 642-6074.
  • Tang Health Workers: If you live in res halls, I-House, sorority or some fraternity houses your Health Worker can be a first point of contact for individual advising, resources and referrals as a knowledgeable and non-judgemental peer.
  • Key Links
      A website dedicated to promoting physician and community action on alcohol and health. It offers a variety of information on local, national, and global alcohol issues.
    • Rethinking Drinking – Alcohol and Your Health
      The main target audience for this NIAAA website is the 3 in 10 U.S. adults who drink more than the low risk limits.
    • College Drinking – Changing the Culture
      This NIAAA website is a one-stop resource for comprehensive research-based information on issues related to alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students.
    • Alcohol Justice
      Alcohol Justice, the industry watchdog, promotes evidence-based public health policies and organizes campaigns with diverse communities and youth against the alcohol industry’s harmful practices.
    • Psychoactive Drugs
      Information about the history, safe use, chemistry, and laws pertaining to many different drugs, including alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. It is also very up to date with the latest "designer" drugs available on the street. It has links to relevant books and media coverage, and forums/chat rooms where users can share their experiences.
    • Drug Policy Alliance
      Primary focus on drug policy issues. List of drugs includes an historical overview, current state by state punishments for possession and use, and myths and facts. Also includes detailed information about the political issue of the "War of Drugs" as well as links to other websites.
  • Questions: Email

About Us

Our team: We are students working with Tang Center Health Promotion staff and a variety of campus and community partners.
Our mission: To improve the party culture and social benefits by decreasing drama and problems related to alcohol.
Our guiding principles:

  • Discover, use and promote evidence-based understanding of problems and best practice solutions.
  • Collaborate and use multi-faceted strategies - no one size fits all.
  • Reach three groups simultaneously: entire student body; known high-risk student groups; and students experiencing negative consequences.
  • Monitor and pursue continuous improvement

Contact Us

Coordinator: Karen Hughes (510) 643-9073
Asst. Coordinator: Leona Chen 
2015-16 Student Team: Email
Sierra Westhem; Jacob Nikolau; Michelle Fong 

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  • Cal Party Tips Facebook: What's working where you party? Give a shout out to the party throwers and the party goers who make their fraternity, co-op, house or apartment parties world class. Get ideas, questions, tips, and stories from other students.


Updated January 2016

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