Welcome to PartySafe@Cal!

PartySafe@Cal aims to reduce alcohol-related risks and harm in the campus area. Our efforts operate simultaneously to reach individual students, the student body as a whole, and the greater college community.

Whether you are a party goer, party thrower, student leader or neighbor, take some kind of action - big or small - to improve alcohol and party management in our campus community. Though it’s not always easy, it is simple.  


  • Campus and city policies and penalties.

  • Peer Support, Education, Workshops. Email partysafe@berkeley.edu.
    • Peer Mentors. Have a question or situation you want to talk about? Start with a partysafe peer mentor for support, information and helpful resources.
    • Alcohol and Party Management Workshop. This free 90 minute Party Host Workshop will help you make a realistic “before-during-after” party plan for your event.
    • Small Group Social Norms Workshop. Designed for in-tact groups of 15 or more members, this 1 hour workshop leads to better personal and group-level decisions about drinking and parties.
    • PartySafe LIVE. You supply the location, publicity, prizes and a couple of volunteers and we supply interactive activities that engage and educate.

  • Party Planning Guide and Consultation.  Our up-to-date guide for all student party planners. We also offer a free 30 minute party planning consultation for those of you having events for 50+ people if you apply for Indoor Entertainment Event Permit from Berkeley Fire Department.

  • True Stories. Drinkers and abstainers share real challenges, choices and consequences about the drinking and party culture at Cal. 


Updated March 2015

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