Patient Handouts

This list of health materials is tailored to the needs of the UC Berkeley campus community. Most of the material has been compiled by UHS professionals, and the topics reflect the health issues most prevalent among students, faculty and staff on this campus.

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Abscess Treatment (pdf)
Acne (pdf)
ADHD (pdf)
Allergy Cleanup (pdf)
Ankle Sprains (pdf)
Anxiety Screening Questionnaire (pdf)
Assessment of Noise Exposure (pdf)
Avian Flu FAQ (pdf)
Back Pack Flyer (pdf)
Bacterial Vaginosis (pdf)
Bed Bugs (pdf)
Bee Stings (pdf)
Birth Control Options (pdf)
Blephar (pdf)
Calcium (pdf)
Cervical Cancer Testing (pdf)
Chlamydia (pdf)
Colposcopy (pdf)
Computer Desktop Ergonomics (pdf)
Computer Laptop Ergonomics (pdf)
Condoms (pdf)
Constipation (pdf)
Cortisone Injections (pdf)
Crutches (pdf)
Depo-Provera DMPA (pdf)
Depression: FAQ about Antidepressants (pdf)
Depression Screening Questionnaire (pdf)
Diabetes Education Resource List (pdf)
Diaphragm (pdf)
Dietary Fiber (pdf)
Ear Wax (pdf)
Eating Disorder Treatment Group and Facts on Eating Disorders (pdf)
Ectopic Pregnancy (pdf)
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) (pdf)
Emergency Contraception (pdf)
Facts About Mold (pdf)
Flu (pdf)
Gastroenteritis (pdf)
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) (pdf)
Gonorrhea (pdf)
Gynecologic and Breast Cancers (pdf)
Gynecological Referrals (pdf)
Gyn-Abortion Referral (pdf)
Gyn-Obstetrics Referral (pdf)
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (pdf)
Handwashing Guidelines (pdf)
Head Injury/Concussion (pdf)
Head Lice (pdf)
Headache (pdf)
Health Recommendations After Travel (pdf)
Heartburn (pdf)
Heart Healthy Eating (pdf)
Hemorrhoids (pdf)
Hepatitis A Fact Sheet (pdf)
Hepatitis A, B, and C Learn the Differences (pdf)
Howis Low Blood Glucose Treated (pdf)
HPV Background Information (pdf)
HPV Vaccine Gardasil (pdf)
Hypertension Info Packet (pdf)
Hypertension Info sheet (pdf)
Immune Globulin (pdf)
Ingrown Toenail (pdf)
Inhaler and Asthma Medications (pdf)
Insomnia (pdf)
Instructions for Patients with TMJ (pdf)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (pdf)
Japanese Encephalitis (pdf)
Knee Sprains and Strains (pdf)
Lactose Intolerance ("Living with Lactose Intolerance") (pdf)
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment (pdf)
Low Back Pain (pdf)
Melonoma (pdf)
Migraine Headache (pdf)
Mirena IUD (pdf)
Molluscum Contagiosum (pdf)
Mononucleosis (pdf)
Mood Disorder Questionnaire (pdf)
MRSA (pdf)
Neck Pain (pdf)
NoroViruses Q&A (pdf)
Nutrition Plan (pdf)
Nuva Ring (pdf)
Oral Contraceptives (pdf)
ParaGard IUD (pdf)
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome(pdf)
Pityriasis Rosea (pdf)
Plantar Fasciitis (pdf)
Plantar Warts (pdf)
Poison Oak (pdf)
Pregnancy Test Instructions (pdf)
Probiotics (pdf)
Progestin-Only Contraception Pill or Minipill Reference Guide (pdf)
Quit Smoking (pdf)
Rabies (pdf)
Rotator Cuff Sprain and Strains (pdf)
Scabies Fact Sheet (pdf)
Skyla (pdf)
Smoking Cessation Resources (pdf)
Spermicides (pdf)
SPIRO (pdf)
SPIRO Guidelines (pdf)
TB Fact Sheet (pdf)
Testing for Hepatitis B Exposure - Immunity (pdf)
The Patch (pdf)
Therapist (pdf)
Thyroid (pdf)
Tissue Adhesives (pdf)
Treatments for HPV (pdf)
UHS Pharmacy Guidelines for Patients to Obtain Refills (pdf)
Understanding TMJ (pdf)
Varivax (pdf)
Vitamin D Deficiency (pdf)
Women's Health Information and Visit (pdf)
Weight Gain (pdf)
Yasmin (pdf)

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