Campus Alcohol Policies

University of California Systemwide Policies, Office of the President

  • UC Systemwide Policy on Substance Abuse (1/1/90): Encourages employees and students to seek treatment for substance abuse problems. Summarizes University policy and sanctions for employees and students who violate this policy. Complies with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act.
  • Campus Activities, Organizations & Students - Student Conduct & Discipline (10/12/05): Prohibits unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, use, or sale of controlled substances. Prohibits above for alcohol, as unlawful, or otherwise prohibited by, or not in compliance with, University policy or campus regulations. http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/coordrev/ucpolicies/aos/uc100.html

UC Berkeley Campus Policies

  • Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct (01/10/05): Prohibits disorderly conduct; prohibits unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, sale of, or the attempt of the above of controlled substances, on University properties or at official University functions.
  • Residential Conduct Code: The Residential Conduct Code is a subset of the Campus Code which focuses specifically on community based violations on residential properties owned or operated by the University of California, Berkeley. http://www.housing.berkeley.edu/student/osd_judicial_affairs.html
  • Berkeley Campus Policy Governing the Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products on the Campus and at Campus Sponsored Events: Prohibits advertisement and promotion of particular brands or manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products on the Berkeley campus or in conjunction with activities or events attended by students that are held away from the campus and sponsored by campus units or recognized groups.
  • Berkeley Campus Policy Governing Student Dances: Prohibits possession and/or consumption of alcohol at dances at facilities not licensed to sell alcohol; requires issuance of a campus alcohol service permit by UCPD to campus departmental sponsors of student dances.
  • Berkeley Campus Student Policy and Procedures Regarding Sexual Assault and Rape (12/30/01): Defines acts of sexual misconduct prohibited by the Campus Code of Student Conduct and provides guidance on what students should do if they have been sexually assaulted and what the campus does when a sexual assault occurs.

For information on City, State and Federal alcohol laws, see What's At Stake - Laws and Policies.


Last revised: July 2013


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