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Workers' Compensation Handbook for Supervisors

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Workers' Compensation Handbook for Supervisors
The purpose of this Handbook is to orient UC Berkeley’s supervisors and managers to Workers’ Compensation and Vocational Rehabilitation and to guide you through the process should an employee become ill or injured due to a work-related incident. Our intent is to help you understand your role and responsibilities so that proper procedures are followed and State compliance is maintained. This Handbook is designed to give supervisors and managers the tools needed to handle Workers’ Compensation cases and to work toward prevention of injuries.

If a work-related injury or illness does occur, you want to be prepared. You need to know what steps to take and who to contact when responding to emergency and
non-emergency situations. It is important that you respond quickly and fairly, as well as correct workplace hazards that contribute to injuries. Please take the time to become familiar with the comprehensive services available to UC Berkeley employees as outlined in this Handbook

The material in this Handbook is organized by topic and includes forms, a resource list and a glossary of terms for reference. Where pertinent, questions and answers are located at the end of certain chapters as outlined in the table of contents. Relevant website links are also included. If you would like to provide feedback regarding this Handbook or have additional questions, please contact our office at (510) 642-8768.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Worker's Compensation?
What is UC Berkeley's Workers' Compensation Program?
How is an Injury or Illness Defined?
Types of Workers' Compensation Claims
Who is Eligible?
California Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Additional UC Berkeley Program Offices and Services
Program Funding

Chapter 2: When an Injury or Illness Occurs at Work
Supervisors' Checklist
Medical Treatment/Facilities
Filing a Claim
Employee Personnel Files
Questions and Answers

Chapter 3: Workers’ Compensation Claims
The Claims Process
Claims Investigation
Questions and Answers

Chapter 4: When an Injury or Illness Results in Time Away from Work
Lost Time
UC Berkeley's Pay Process
State Benefits/University Supplemental Benefits
Coordination of Benefits
Questions and Answers

Chapter 5: Employee’s Return to Work
Contact with the Injured Employee
Reasonable Accommodation /Employee Transition Back to Work
UC Berkeley's Transitional Work Program

Chapter 6: Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Chapter 7: Preventing Injuries

Contact Information


Glossary of Terms

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