Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

SHAC 2013-14

The Student Health Advisory Committee is an advisory board to University Health Services-Tang Center and campus administration that represents the entire student population at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) meets 3-4 times per semester and makes recommendations to the Tang Center Executive Director and the senior management team of University Health Services--Tang Center (UHS). The specific functions of SHAC are to:

  • Create an organized dialogue between students and administration about student health and counseling needs, and UHS programs and services.
  • Provide program and service advice/consultation.
  • Advise UHS regarding insurance and budget issues, and student impact.
  • Identify educational/informational needs of students.
  • Address barriers related to seeking care and provide user feedback around accessibility and ease of use.
  • Assess emerging student issues and keep UHS connected to student life and campus.
  • Give campus administrators planning advice given student needs and budget constraints.
  • Assess perception of UHS services.
  • Provide student input through additional channels such as hiring and other Tang Center committees.

SHAC strives to reflect the diversity of the student body and includes representatives from the ASUC, bridges Multicultural Resource Center, Committee on Student Fees, Greek Community, Graduate Assembly, Health Worker Peer Education Program, Immigrant Student Issues Coalition, international students, multiple recruitment and retention centers, National Pan-Hellenic Council, queer and transgender students, Residence Hall Assembly, Student Parent Association, Transfer/Re-entry Student Association, University Students Cooperative Association and at-large undergraduate and graduate students. See membership list below.

Joining SHAC
The official SHAC membership recruiting period begins at the start of each fall semester. Open positions for specific communities can be filled throughout the academic year.

2013-14 Recruiting Update
SHAC membership recruiting is now closed until Fall 2014. For more information, contact SHAC co-chairs Michelle Hong and Tarek Barnes (SHAC chairs) at



Contact Us
Staff to the Committee: Bene Gatzert, (510) 642-3629 and Kim Jarboe LaPean, (510) 643-3920

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SHAC 2012-13 Membership List


Member name *=graduate student Community

Aakash Ghai

Health Fee Advisory Board

Alia Stewart-Silver

At-Large Graduate Student (also in Berkeley Student Cooperative)

Alice Pope

Berkeley Student Cooperative

Alli Yates

Students with Invisible Disabilities

Andreas Lazaris


Bahar Navab

At-Large Graduate Student + Liaison to UC Office of the President (UCOP)  regarding student health matters

Benjamin Vanderschelden

Greek Community

Caitlin DeClercq

At-Large Graduate Student

Diya Das

At-Large Graduate Student

Boswell Bueno

Residence Hall Assembly

Jessica Alegria

Student Parents

Jose Alejandro Ramos (Joe)

Raza Recruitment and Retention Center

Kahn Ryu

Queer Students (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer (Sexual Orientation), Questioning)

Kie Fujii

Students with Mobility and Other Disabilities

Leanza Tupfer

Health Worker Program

Michelle Chan

Committee on Student Fees

Michelle Hong (co-chair)

SHAC co-chair

Mika Tei*

International Students

Min Choi

Educational Opportunity Program

Shih-Hsuan (Tiffany) Chiu

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Solomon Nwoche

Transfer Students

Stephanie Cardoos*

Graduate Assembly

Tarek Barnes (co-chair)

SHAC co-chair

Thatcher Combs

Queer Students (Trans, Gender non-conforming, Gender Queer, Questioning)


Non-voting members

Bene Gatzert

Tang Center

Claudia Covello

Tang Center

Kim LaPean

Tang Center


SHAC 2012-13

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SHAC 2011-12

SHAC members 2012


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