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When someone in the campus community dies


As a campus, one of our goals is to make this a caring, human place.
This means not only do we strive to celebrate each other's accomplishments, but we are supportive and compassionate during difficult times. [continues]

When a Death Occurs:

Because different departments serve different populations, the guidelines vary according to the position the deceased held at Berkeley. Please select from the list below.

Academic / Faculty

Emeriti and Retirees

Graduate Student


Undergraduate Student

Visiting Scholar or Postdoc

Visitor to Campus

Information and Resources

Grief and loss: Information and resources

Responding to the death of a family member/friend of an Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, an Academic, a Staff member, or a Visiting Scholar or Postdoc.

Practical preparations for your own eventual death

Adult/elder caregiving services

Mourning and recovery counseling for Academics, Staff, and Visiting Scholars/Postdocs and for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Contact Numbers

Control Unit Contacts

For General Comments and Site Feedback


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The Guidelines for Responding to Death have been prepared at the request of former Chancellor Berdahl by a campus workgroup made up of staff, student, and faculty representatives.

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