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Help, I'm having body issues

August 31, 2014
I have a lot of image issues. This year, it just got worse since I started college and was stressed and kept eating. I put on a lot of weight and now that I’m home for the summer, my family can’t stop talking about it. It stresses me out and just puts me in a bad downward spiral. Help?

Winter break with the folks

July 26, 2014
I’m dreading going home during the Winter Break. Whenever I’m home my parents treat me like a teenager. They quiz me about where I’m going and even enforce a midnight curfew! What can I do to make my life less miserable during the break?

Make a long distance relationship work

July 9, 2014
My first relationship is a long distance one. It’s going to be a year before we’re reunited. We were both raised in completely different environments. I keep telling myself to stop worrying so much and just enjoy it. It’s hard though. How can you develop a relationship over webcam/online chatting?

I want to become official with my partner

August 10, 2014
I’ve been dating this guy for 2 months now and things are going well but every time I bring up the subject of finally becoming “official”, he would change topics or look so uncomfortable that I just end up saying nevermind. I’m getting really frustrated now but I don’t know what say without sounding desperate/needy. How should I approach him about this?

I've been cheated on - should I forgive her?

July 30, 2014
My girlfriend cheated on me and she swears it was a one time drunken mistake. We’ve been together for 4 years. Should I forgive her? She’s never lost my trust before but I am really hurt by this.

I choose abstinence

July 20, 2014
I’m a virgin and want to practice abstinence, but I feel like all couples do in college is have sex. How can I find a guy who will love me for what I believe in?

He treats me like crap when we’re apart - what do I do?

July 31, 2014
I’m dating a guy who constantly treats me like crap when we’re apart, but when we’re together, it’s 180. Why is he acting like this? How do I change his behavior?

Should I tell my dad I'm not doing ok?

November 3, 2017
"I've been having a really rough semester mentally, financially, name it. My dad calls me about once a week to check-in and I really don't know how to tell him Im not doing ok. I know he'd be worried about me and everyone expects me to be having such a great time away at school. Any advice on how to handle this? Is it ok to lie to him?"

Relationship or single-life in college. Which is better?

November 9, 2017
"I've been dating someone for the first time and it's serious enough that I can envision staying with them for a long time. On the other hand, though, I worry that in the future I may re​​gret not dating more people in college and experimenting to see what I truly want from a relationship. How do I reconcile my happiness with my current relationship with my doubt?"

I cheated on my boyfriend...Now what?!

February 16, 2018
I cheated on my boyfriend of a couple of years over the winter break. It wasn’t intentional but it happened, and I finally told him recently, because I figured if I really cared about him, I owe him the truth and should let him decide where to take things from here. But I feel so alone without him, because he was my best friend. Did I do the right thing? Should I just have not told him and kept going? ​​