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Love Cafe: Relationship Q&A: Fall 2013

January 1, 2014
Me and my best friend like the same guy. He texts me all the time and he told me he liked me. What should I do? Should I keep us on the friends until she stops likening him?

LOVE or nah?

September 22, 2017
"How did you find out that you were in love with your partner? "

I Choose Abstinence

July 28, 2017
“I’m a virgin and want to practice abstinence, but I feel like all couples do in college is have sex. How can I find a guy who will love me for what I believe in?”

Roommates on Opposite Schedules

January 26, 2018
"This semester I have 8am's and have to get up pretty early to make it to class on time. My roommate is a night owl and often up until 4am. I know he's trying to be as quiet as he can be, but I still get woken up at least once a night. What are some tips on living in a double with someone that has an opposite schedule? Should I talk to him about it?"

Dealing with Homesickness

October 6, 2017
"What is the one thing you miss most about your hometown and how do you deal with homesickness?"

The Art of Conversation

October 13, 2017
"How can you keep a conversation going without all the awkward pauses?"

Tag-along Roommate

March 9, 2018
My roommate is always trying to tag along with me and my friends. I'm cool with them coming sometimes since I know he doesn't have a lot of friends, but I really want to spend time with my friends without him being there. Is there any way I can let him know without being rude?

Long distance love losing steam

April 6, 2018
"I've been dating my long distance bf for a while now, ~ 10 months (we started dating during the last few months of high school). I see him about once every month for a weekend or so. I feel like I've lost the physical attraction, but he has a very attractive personality/character that I would be sad to lose. He's my best friend. When we kiss, I don't feel the spark anymore though. And the sex was never really satisfying for me. I know that it's satisfying for him and that he isn't losing the physical or emotional attraction. What should I do? We'll be within 5 min drive of each other during the summer, but it's ldr during the school year."

My lab job is stressing me out!

February 2, 2018
I scored a position with the lab of my dreams, but the lead researcher is a really difficult person to work with. I can never do anything right and he never praises any of my hard work. On top of this he acts like I don't do enough even though I put in more hours than I should. I'm still a student so of course there is a limit to how much time I can spend there. It's starting to stress me out to the point where I think about quitting. What do you think I should do?

Is He Interested In Me?

March 2, 2018
"I really like this guy but I think that he's gay. What do I do? "