FAQ: Why do I have a hold on Cal Central?

Enrollment holds are placed when students have outstanding immunization and/or TB Clearance requirements.

For Fall 2018 new and re-admitted students, enrollment holds may be placed during the seventh week of the fall and/or spring semester.

Enrollment holds affect your ability to add/drop/waitlist classes for the subsequent semester, but do not block your current classes, financial aid, or access to other student services. Nonetheless, it is in your best interest to resolve the enrollment hold as promptly as possible.

  • Determine if you truly have an enrollment hold and if it is from UHS. On Cal Central, select "My Academics," then look in the first column for "Active Holds." If you see a hold titled either "Immunizations" or "TB Initial Risk Screen," then you do indeed have an active hold from UHS. If you see an overdue task on "My Dashboard," but nothing under "Active Holds," you do not currently have an enrollment hold from UHS.
  • Check your compliance status on eTang by selecting "Immunization Record" and identifying which item(s) remain non-compliant. If you think you have completed all items, review Why am I non-compliant? for common errors, or Contact Us for further assistance.
  • Once complete, go to eTang to revise your "Immunization Worksheet," upload your additional documents, and check your compliance status under "Immunization Record."

Once eTang shows that you are in full compliance, please allow up to four business days for the hold to be cleared on Cal Central.