Vaccine Clinic Information

February 3, 2021

Vaccine Clinic Appointment Information

Our vaccine appointments are by invitation only.

The invitations are sent each week based on vaccine availability and what vaccination phase/tier we're currently in, staged week by week according to current allocation and epidemiological risk. We cannot book vaccine appointments for people who are not on the current list for this week’s vaccines, and we cannot book ahead as we don't know how many doses we will have in advance. Please check our vaccine webpage for current information.

If you received specific instructions from UHS about getting a vaccine this week and need assistance:

Please email if you've been unable to schedule online and need to speak to someone. If you're unable to come this week, please know that more appointments will be released each week. Please check back.

If you're inquiring about getting a vaccine or where you are on the list based on the criteria:

Please know at this time we cannot take individual calls and names of students, faculty, or staff that believe they might fit the criteria. 

If you're a Manager/Supervisor inquiring about vaccine for your staff:

If you think you have staff that should be eligible for a vaccine based on the criteria, please complete this form.

Please regularly check our vaccine webpage for the latest information on where we are with vaccine distribution based on the criteria in the campus vaccination plan.

The UHS vaccine webpage is being updated on a weekly basis based on our weekly vaccine allotment. Invitations and instructions for upcoming vaccine clinics are then sent to people based on what tier we are vaccinating that week, staged week by week according to current allocation and epidemiological risk. You can take a look at the campus vaccination phased/tiered plan online.

We at UHS continue to advocate for our community.

We are confident that as the supply opens up we will have the capacity to offer vaccines to anyone within our community who qualifies and is interested, but this is expected to take several months. In the meantime, we share and appreciate the distress caused by lack of timely access, especially among those with underlying medical conditions or whose work or home circumstances put them at risk, and continue to fine tune our allocations equitably within the UCOP/CDPH framework we are required to follow.