Reminder about “RRRR” week

July 23, 2014

RRRR (yes 4 Rs) Week

Cal Students: It’s Reading/Review/Recitation (RRR) Week. But don’t just go to the library…take some breaks with friends. We’re adding a 4th “R” for relaxation. Obviously this is not the time to take days off for relaxation :-) But well timed breaks with friends will help you stay healthy— so you can concentrate and learn more easily when you do hit the books. Have a great RRRR week!

Cal Students Suggest Fun Things To Do with Friends

  • People watch
  • Play Hide and Go Seek
  • Hike to the Big C
  • Get lost on the bus—get off at a new stop and wander around
  • Go to the movies or have a movie night at home
  • Yogurtland
  • Play basketball at the RSF
  • Hang out at the Asian Ghetto
  • Go to events held by res halls
  • Board Game night
  • Go to thrift stores
  • Bus or BART to San Francisco
  • Random adventures on campus
  • Play pool
  • Go clubbing/dancing
  • Grab some food
  • Flashback movies at theater on Shattuck
  • Bowling
  • Bake cookies
  • Give each other a neck/shoulder massage
  • Lift weights
  • Ice-blocking
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Cook together
  • Have a good talk
  • Video games
  • Go to Tilden Park
  • Rock climb
  • Laugh