New Semester Advice for UHS Health Educator

August 25, 2016

A message from UHS Staff: Kim LaPean, Communications Manager and Sarah Gamble, Health Educator/Project Director

Advice from Sarah

Dear fellow teachers,

As the semester starts, I wanted to send out a couple of reminders about resources for you in dealing with students and their health issues (mental or physical), on behalf of the University Health Services, Tang Center

  1. All students, regardless of insurance, can access counseling on campus - academic, career and personal issues–and there is no cost to get started.
  2. Doctors and nurses at Tang do not give sick notes for standard illnesses (cold, flu, etc). See previously published guidelines for faculty. Please encourage students to stay home when ill and rest up!
  3. Students take the advice/guidance of faculty very seriously. Many of our students do not drink (over 50% of incoming first years) and many are not sexually active (about 1/3rd). We are trying to foster a campus community where all healthy choices are affirmed, so please – when speaking with students about sex/drugs/drinking, do not assume they are all sexually active or using substances.
  4. Our students can at times be a highly stressed group of people – our message, and we hope yours too, is one of balance. Working, sleeping, eating right, hydrating, exercising, relaxing, and socializing. Please help us support them in creating balance in their busy lives by encouraging them to take time for themselves, to get enough sleep, and to keep themselves healthy. Please also consider when setting late night deadlines what message those deadlines send about the importance of sleep. See our Be Well @ Cal resources.
  5. If you see a student who seems out of balance or about whom you are worried, please reach out to them and offer support. Often, students with high levels of stress or mental health challenges will only come to the Tang Center when they have reached their breaking point – we would rather they have support earlier. Call us if you’re not sure what to do, and we will help. (Our counseling office number is 510-642-9494). See the Mental Health Handbook for faculty, staff and GSIs for more. 

Thanks for all the great work you do! Please feel free to email me ( with any questions.

Happy fall semester,

Sarah Gamble, Ph.D. 
Health Educator/Project Director
University Health Services, Tang Center

Advice from Kim

  1. Stay connected with Tang all year long. Get Be Well Cal wellness tips, important service updates and event information (like monthly Pet Hug schedule): TwitterFacebookInstagramMonthly Buzz eNews
  2. Don’t forget to care for YOURSELF. We offer a variety of health and wellness resources to help staff be well at work! Find out more from our Be Well at Work page about Disability ManagementElder CareErgonomicsFinancial WellnessHealth & WellnessParenting, and Stress Management

Kim LaPean
Communications Manager
University Health Services