Exercise at Berkeley

August 23, 2014

Scared of the Freshman 15? Tired of eating out all time with your friends? Take them to the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) located on 2301 Bancroft Way. It is an easy, $10 membership that lasts the entire semester. You get access to all the sports facilities, equipment, and classes. It is awesome!

If you are interested in sports, start a pick up game! Get a group together and meet at the RSF for a quick game or two of your favorite sport such as basketball.

You can also grab a friend and hit the machines. My roommate and I occasionally go to the RSF and run on the treadmill for an hour or so. After, we always grab a snack on Bancroft. If you aren’t interested in cardio, maybe you and a friend can meet in the weight room.

Finally, my favorite thing at the RSF are the classes! Check out the RSF website for weekly schedules of what is offered. You can do various types of yoga, Pilates, dancing, aqua exercise, biking, tai chi, Zumba, and (my
favorite) cardio kick boxing (the instructor Shane is absolutely phenomenal).

You and a friend or two can make it a routine of meeting at the RSF. I find it so much more enjoyable working out with a friend as opposed to doing it by yourself. Also, having a friend doing the work outs with you will help
motivate you even more to get up and exercise. The hardest part about working out is finding the motivation to start.

Now, this is just a brief post as to what the RSF has to offer. I highly recommend checking out the website now! Figure out what you are interested in maybe you can get other people excited too.

Hope this helps!