Be Well at Work Berkeley Manager News - April 2017

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March 24, 2017

Help staff perform their best

Managers and supervisors have an important role to create a healthy work environment, helping the staff they supervisor to perform at their best. Be Well at Work –Wellness Program has resources to help you with this responsibility.

  • Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace, a popular training for managers and supervisors, provides a foundation of skills for addressing health and safety, supporting staff wellness, and energizing your teams, all leading to better performance.  Developed and delivered by Be Well at Work - Wellness Program and EH&S, this training is scheduled for June 21, 9-12:30. Register today on the UC Learning Center (search the title or class code BECOK035-170621).

  • Use the tools and resources we provide online, including a Supporting Wellness at Work one-page checklist with simple steps for creating a safe and healthy workplace, a list of workshops you can bring into your unit, and activity break ideas to make meetings more effective. And, learn more about how a Wellness Ambassador in your work unit can support you in creating a great place to work!

Supporting your team during stress awareness month

For many people, stress levels rise the moment they wake as thoughts of the day’s schedule, their morning commute, or how to balance their work and home life, commence. Stress can affect individuals physically in the form of headaches or panic attacks, psychologically in the form of irritability or sadness and cognitively in the form of decreased creativity, productivity, or difficulty concentrating. While it can be difficult to avoid these anxious thoughts or their implications, supervisors and managers can support their team and motivate them to develop healthy coping strategies.

During this April’s Stress Awareness Month, Be Well at Work Employee Assistance (formerly known as CARE Services for Faculty and Staff) encourages supervisors to be aware of the signs of stress, offer resources on mindfulness, and consult with Employee Assistance on how to help employees on a path towards better overall health by calling (510) 643-7754