SHIP Patient Rights + Responsibilities

If you are a member of the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), University Health Services serves you in two ways: as your health care provider and as your health insurance plan.

All of the rights and responsibilities of UHS patients apply to students enrolled in SHIP. In addition, as a SHIP member, you also have the following rights and responsibilities.

As a SHIP member, you have the right to:

  • Request information, and have your questions answered, about:
    • The benefits of the Student Health Insurance Plan.
    • The network of providers available to serve you at UHS and in the medical community.
    • How to receive access to care, both at the Tang Center and off-campus.
    • How to waive the plan if you have comparable major medical insurance coverage.
    • How to express grievances or provide suggestions concerning the plan.
  • Obtain authorization and payment for medically necessary services covered by the plan, including:
    • Coverage of emergency care services as specified in the plan.
    • Authorizations for visits to a specialist, based on an approved treatment plan.
    • Coverage for hospitalization as specified in the plan.

Receive a written "Notice of Privacy Practices" that explains how your protected health information will be used and disclosed.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Learn About the Plan. 
    • Become knowledgeable about the covered benefits, limitations and exclusions of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Know and abide by the administrative and operational procedures of the plan.
  • Meet Your Financial Obligations. 
    • Make a good-faith effort to meet your financial obligations under the plan, including paying premiums (included with your registration fees) and any co-payments.
  • Be Open. 
    • Provide information relevant to your participation in the plan and use of plan benefits.
  • Let Us Know How We're Doing. 
    • Use established complaint resolution procedures to address any concerns you may have about the plan. Call (510) 642-6621, visit the Administration Office on the third floor, or submit a feedback form located throughout the building.