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Water Cooler Conversion Guide

Is your Department's Green Team thinking of eliminating the office water cooler but not sure where to start? From learning about the needs and concerns of the building occupants to the options for replacement, there are several steps recommended to identify solutions that will meet the needs of most everyone, as well as align with the health and sustainability goals of the department and University.

This Water Cooler Conversion Guide has been developed by Be Well at Work-Wellness Program, Building Sustainability at Cal, and the I Heart Tap Water Campaign.

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Assessment Tools

These assessment and planning tools can help to guide you through the process of your water cooler conversion.

  • Audit - Department Drinking Water Audit               
    Start with this audit tool to evaluate your current drinking water resources from water coolers, water fountains, to the kitchen sink.
  • Survey - Drinking Water Survey for Building Occupants 
    This survey tool can be customized to your department/building needs. It will help you assess the source of drinking water for the faculty, staff and students in the department, the perceptions about the tap water, and more. 
  • Water Fountain Assessment Tool
    You may want to assess the water fountains throughout the building to determine if they function well for refilling a water container or if they are in need of repair or replacement. Look at the styles of water fountains that may be able to be retrofitted with a bottle filler.
  • Action Steps and Findings Worksheet 
    This tool is designed to help the Green Team analyze all the assessment information collected and develop an action plan for implementing the desired changes or improvements to the drinking water infrastructure, identifying potential budget savings, and developing the communications plan.

Water Cooler Conversion Options

There are a number of conversion options when considering eliminating the office water cooler.
See the Water Cooler Conversion Options

Communications and Resources

It will be important to communicate about the plans for converting the water cooler to another water option. Berkeley's tap water, sourced from the Sierra's, is safe and delicious. Please know that despite these facts, there are many individuals that prefer the choice of bottled water. Communication and education may help with the transition and these tools are designed to help youI

Educational Messages:

Contact for Questions or Assistance

Campus Assistance:
Kim Guess, RD
Wellness Program Dietitian, Be Well at Work-Wellness Program for Faculty/Staff
(510) 643-3434

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