Visiting Scholars and Postdocs

When a visiting scholar or postdoc loses a family member or close friend

When a family member or person close to a visiting scholar or postdoc dies, someone in the department should help coordinate communication between the absent visiting scholar/postdoc and his/her colleagues.

The sponsoring faculty member may want to send condolences, either by phone or mail. This should be done directly, and not through a colleague. It may be appropriate to send a condolence card signed by members of the group or department.

The sponsoring faculty member, or someone designated by that person, also needs to determine the following:

  • Does the individual want to hear from others in the department? If so, does the individual want to receive phone calls or cards? Who does the colleague want to hear from and how can he/she be reached?
  • Who is invited to the services? When and where will they be held? Where can people send contributions?
  • When will the person return to campus?