Let’s Talk About Consent

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Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The campus Survivor Support website provides information on how to get help, how to report, how to support a survivor, and prevention efforts. 

Path to Care

  • 24/7 Care Line (510) 643-2005
  • the office line (510) 642-1988

Community Discussion Guide

The Community Discussion Guide is designed to help students understand the concept of consent and provide discussion questions to take back to your communities to begin a critical dialogue about consent.

You Deserve to Be Safe 

If you’ve experienced violence, know that: It isn’t your fault; telling someone is your decision, completely; and there are people who can help you get the support you want. See our You Deserve to be Safe flier

Let's Talk About Consent

EmpowerU: Let's Talk About Consent

Roadmap to Prevention

Sexual Assault Awareness: Roadmap to Violence Prevention

How to Help a Friend

Sexual Assault Awareness: How to Help a Friend